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George and the crew are just great. Honest affordable and very thorough. In my history I have either found a mechanic who charges way too much and replaces things unnecessarily or the guy that is cheap, but misses things and doesn't communicate so well at all. These guys at Bonola Autos are genuine and good at their job! They wouldn't have been operating for long, if they didn't! Thanks, guys! Highly recommended. PJGrant on TrueLocal


I recently had my 13 year old Peugeot serviced at Bonola Automotives, and I couldn't be happier with the result. My car was serviced on the same day, and from the minute I picked up my car it hummed like it had a new lease of life. Also, a tricky clutch issue I've had since I purchased my car 10 years ago was resolved making it much easier to drive. Thanks George - my car will be visiting you for years to come! Cheers, Darren


George is terrific and Bonola Automotives are absolutely great mechanics, honest, trustworthy and do an excellent job. Would recommend them to anyone. They are good with women, don't take advantage of the customer and their charges are very reasonable. Wouldn't go to any other car service now. Stefica on TrueLocal


If you live near or in Greensborough, go to Bonola Automotives. For under $200 these guys fixed a problem on my car that had costed $1200 at another mechanic and remained still unfixed. Bonola Automotives are honest and know what they are doing. They have always proved effiecient and knowledgable. Why pay someone to replace parts willy nilly, when Bonola Automotives mechanics will do the job right the first time. I don't know much about cars yet I couldn't be happier with their service and will continue to have my car serviced by them. Roy on TrueLocal



Professional, courteous service - my car was fixed the same day and I was provided with a free hire car. Definitely one of the better mechanics in the area. I will definitely return for my next car service. Legs on Google


Great service! I changed mechanics to Bonola Automotives and I'm very impressed. They are noticeably better than my previous mechanic and the car felt serviced well (for example, parking brake was very firm, earlier mechanics never bothered). Reasonable price, very friendly - if you're in the area, give these guys a try! Christian on Google


Great customer service, friendly, good price. Handbrake was nice and firm, they helpfully pointed out another issue with the car, to keep an eye on. Andrew on Google


After 24 years of servicing our cars, we cannot recommend these guys highly enough! Thank you for looking after us so well! Music APlenty on Google


I used to have my Euro Sedan serviced at the authorised dealers. When front and back brakes came up for service simultaneously, I baulked at the dealers' quotes and shopped around. The cost at Bonola Automotives was substantially less than going to an authorised dealer. Plus they did a great job and I'm very happy with my "new" brakes. A very well managed organisation! Thanks. Tony on Google


George and the guys at Bonola Auto are great. Family owned for many years, you can see why they have been around for so long. They are always trying to improve their customer experience and they offer an honest and affordable service. This type of service is hard to find - especially in the automotive industry. Highly recommended! Any Time Fitness Ringwood North on Google


I decided to give the Big Guys the flick (Oh what a feeling! is their catch cry when they charge you for the service... ching ching!) At Bonola I found the quote for my service where it should be... competitive. Workshop well organised, staff friendly and a 62 point safety check was included and I was given the report to add to my Service History. Will definitely be back. Give them a try ! Thanks George and your team at Bonola Automotives! Christine on Google


After reading the reviews, took my 2004 Mazda 2 for 150k Service, 4 new tyres, balance & wheel alignment. George quoted over the phone and pleasantly surprised that it was $175 cheaper.
Car was vacuumed, nice little surprise bag with tissues and pen on my front seat. Excellent customer service, receiving a text to advise car was ready and everything explained when I went to pick up. Will return and let others know about George and his business. Thank you! Jenny on Word of Mouth


Extremely professional and great service with great prices. It is great to have peace of mind, knowing that your car has been well looked after. Chris on Word of Mouth


I have used Bonola twice and my daughter several times.We are impressed by their customer care and service. I appreciate that they let you know the issues and cost involved before beginning any work and even vacuum-clean the car before pick up! I have been to many mechanics in my car ownership history and watched my daughter spend lots of (unneccesary) money, so it's nice to find honest, reputable people to deal with. Thank You! Michele on Word of Mouth


Bonola have serviced our family cars for years and we trust them implicitly. Genuinely helpful and provide excellent service. Would highly recommend them. Wendy on Word of Mouth


I have had my cars serviced at Bonola for over a decade, professional and comprehensive service and guaranteed. My son now also uses Bonola for his car service. The staff are all friendly and helpful and the loan car a great assistance. Dean on Word of Mouth


I came across Bonola by chance when I moved to the area 3 years ago and have used them ever since. Their service, professionalism and pride in work impressed me so much I keep referring family and friends to them. Fiona on Word of Mouth


I recently moved my 2 cars for servicing to Bonola and have been very impressed with how professional and comprehensive their services are. I really like their level of detail in their servicing reports and that they are VACC qualified. I usually need a loan car and George has always been able to help me out. Shaun on Word of Mouth


Just had a major service carried out on my Peugeot 407. An engine mount was replaced. The free loan car was spotlessly clean and ran well. Over the years I have had a dozen Peugeots, mostly serviced by dealers at much expense. My only regret is that I did not discover Bonola Automotives much earlier. I have now had my car serviced at least a dozen times at Bonola, and I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended. Bobe on Word of Mouth


This business gives great service at a fair price. The premises is impeccably clean and professional. The staff are very customer focussed and you feel you can trust them to do the best for you and your vehicle. Greg on Word of Mouth


I have had the privilege of using Bonola's services for more than 16 years. At every turn they are professional and always take the economical pathway ensuring reliability and reducing cost. Can' t thank them enough! Neila on Word of Mouth


We have been taking our cars to George and Matt for 8 years and have been very impressed with their competence and honesty. I highly recommend them as a very professional team. Robert on Word of Mouth


Have been dealing with this business for over 30 years and have been happy with the professional service. Rob on Word of Mouth


Again and again, they are absolutely consistent in delivering a quality service. We have 3 cars that they service and there is always communication about what needs to be done, the alternatives, the costs. There are no nasty surprises when you get to pay the bill! Graeme on Word of Mouth

I have been a very happy client of Bonola Automotive for almost 15 years and on every occasion I have used their services have been really impressed with the personal service of George and his staff. They go the extra mile with outstanding service. You only have to see the cleanliness of the workshop to know they take pride in their work. Maurice on Word of Mouth

I've been going to Bonola's for for 10 years now, they were recommended by my father who continues to use his service. I find that George and the team have always provided me with great advice for my cars servicing and maintenance needs. Bonola's are very reliable, trustworthy and have been servicing my families cars for 10-15 years. Louise on Word of Mouth

I rang the workshop with a strain in my voice when my transit van coughed up a lung the freeway going 100. I found them on Google and decided I would take a punt with them after a warm and decent phone conversation. They were more than sympathetic and helpful over the phone, didn't push me for my business at all, and after I decided to (somehow) get the van to them to look at, they got onto it straight away, talked me through all the options and solved it in a very fast and affordable manner. So thankful for your professionalism and human touch approach to your customers. We will definitely bring the van back to you for future services. Thank you! Emmily on Word of Mouth


After a bad experience at a different very well-known franchise I was put off servicing my car and let it go for 3 years. My dad recommended Bonola and I'm glad he did. I don't know a thing about cars and was pleased George answered all questions and didn't rip me off. One of the team rang and went through all requirements before getting my approval to do the additional work. One gripe...I would have liked to have been offered a loan car to/from work (found out about this afterwards). I would definitely recommend Bonola. Nice to support a local business. Carolyna on Word of Mouth


Get ready for a rave review! Solid overall service as a mechanic and business. Great communication and clarity around how the service would go (drop vehicle off, take free courtesy car, get a phone call with options and quotes, come and pick up vehicle). Honest advice and didn't try to sell me on anything that wasn't essential - kind to those on a budget. So nice not to be treated as an idiot walking into a mechanic - especially as a female. Genuine service definitely breeds more business! Look forward to my next visit! Tamm on Word of Mouth

Best mechanic I've ever had. They are friendly, knowledgeable and fairly priced. My wife first found them and they were so good to her (and didn't try to deceive her even though she is totally ignorant about cars) that I left my regular mechanic and made them my new go-to people for my 3 vehicles. I have never been disappointed with their service and never miss an opportunity to recommend them to friends and family. David on Word of Mouth


I own a classic muscle car and am very particular with its condition and care. George and the team at Bonola Automotive take great care of my car and take great pride in ensuring it is maintained correctly, but also in a way which respects the age and condition of my car. Well done, guys! Darren on Word of Mouth


George and his staff look after both my company owned fleet vehicle and my privately owned family car. Living locally has been a huge benefit to my wife and I: occasionally my wife has had cause to drop in and something spot checked, George and his staff have always provided fast friendly service - we really feel part of this family owned local business. Both my wife and I regularly recommend Bonola Auto to family, friends and work colleagues... Great job, George and the team! David in Diamond Creek on Word of Mouth


Well priced, excellent friendly service, clean workshop! I would highly recommend Bonola Automotive to anyone in need for any automotive service. Ivans on Word of Mouth


I chose Bonola Autos after moving to the area, following great reviews on the web... and all of you were right! Friendly, professional service at a much lower than expected price... With loads of extra treats: like an awesome Safety Test of my Brakes/Wheels/Steering which was reported via a visual computer generated report, and a no-nonsense & realistic report on how my vehicle is performing, given it's age. I was particularly excited to return and find my alloy wheels cleaned & interior vacuumed... what a great service! Will definitely be back & recommending to friends & family. Cathy on Word of Mouth


Bonola Automotive mechanics are thorough and pay great attention to detail. George and Lloyd were excellent. George was more than happy to accommodate my vehicle issues, and answer my questions prior to me bringing in the vehicle. As I work in the CBD, Lloyd was more than happy to take me to the train station and pick me up before closing time, which was a great help. Lloyd also gave some great hints/tips into getting more out of my wheels/tyres. Competitive pricing compared to the dealerships out there. I will be bringing my car back in for the next service and be recommending others. NutMeg in South Morang in Word of Mouth


Thanks to George and his team at Bonola Auto for always providing an over-and-above service and a courtesy car as I cannot do without a car ever! Natasha on Word of Mouth


Great to deal with. Very easy and prompt service. Quick and reliable. George was amazing and super friendly. Anonymous on Word of Mouth


Tried the new Signature Service... in and out in 30 minutes, like they said - so easy and convenient! a41d79de on Word of Mouth


What a great idea to have a quick service! WaterSport on Word of Mouth


Excellent customer service. Committed to resolving any issues you may have with your car. Very prompt at getting the job done. I'll be taking my vehicles back to Bonola Automotive every year. Naomi on Word of Mouth


Bonola have looked after our cars for at least the last 20 years, probably more like 25. Can't fault their quality, integrity and value. And George is a real gentleman. Anonymous on Word of Mouth


Highly recommend. Great service, really friendly staff and they make everything easy for me to understand. I know nothing about cars and they were incredibly helpful and even offered to drop me home and pick me up when my car was finished. Courtney on Word of Mouth


Firstly let me say I know nothing about cars. But based on customer experience alone, I would highly recommend Bonola Automotive. When I booked my car in for a minor service, they offered a loan car free of charge and the option of cleaning my car for an extra $20. Too easy. A low stress car service if ever there was one. Allison on Word of Mouth


Highly recommended. Have been servicing my car for the last six years and have never had a complaint. My daughter now has her family's cars serviced at Bonola Automotives and is also a very satisfied customer. One Friday evening I had to have my car towed to Bonola, due to my putting petrol into a diesel car. Staff were kept late to attend to my problem. This is customer service at it's best. Highly recommended. Bobe on Word of Mouth


Extremely professional with great prices. It is great to have peace of mind that your car has been well looked after. Chris on Word of Mouth


Easy to deal with, answered all my questions. Gave me the courtesy car for the day. Wasn't expecting that. Would definitely go back to them. Frank in Greensborough on Word of Mouth


Car runs well, prompt service and friendly staff. Always seems busy, however there is never a problem booking my car in. I have never had to take it in between services. Happy with Bonola. Tomp in Briar Hill on Word of Mouth


Reliable and Trustworthy. I have been going to Bonolas for over ten years and wouldn't trust my cars to anyone else. Andrews on Word of Mouth


Very professional. Service completed in the time-frame that I was given. All people at Bonola Automotive are extra helpful and friendly. Great job guys. Will be back again. Joy in Greensborough on Word of Mouth


My Audi A3's gearbox failed this week and without hesitation the guys from Bonola Automotive helped me out. Thanks for the loan car and for your quick response to my problem! Lloyd & Ange - most appreciated! Yoyo in Lower Plenty on Word of Mouth


One of the most professional auto servicing places I have used in 40+ years of motoring. Bonola Auto is far better than a dealership. Graeme in Greensborough on Word of Mouth


40+ years of motoring that sure is a lot of years of experience! BabenReviewer on Word of Mouth


We have been getting our cars serviced at Bonola Automotive for some years now. George is outstanding: always courteous and accommodating, he explains what needs to be done thoroughly and carefully before carrying out the work. I can't speak highly enough of him. Pat in Eltham North on Word of Mouth


George and his team not only know how to look after my 18 year old Berlina, they also know how to listen and talk to me. Their suggestions and quality of subsequent work are spot on. After 350,000+ kms, my car is still running beautifully. Rob in Lower Plenty on Word of Mouth


Always so helpful and their service is excellent, you always know what you are paying for, friendly staff, would highly recommend them to service your car. Wendy in Rosanna on Word of Mouth


Best experience ever. Staff is friendly. David always smiling and helpful. Job well done. Thank you, guys! Yvette in Epping on Word of Mouth


I have been using Bonola's for the past 18 years. The guys have integrity and knowledge. The service is great and they always look after your car and leave it clean even down to small details like blacking the wheels. Have recommended them to many of my family and friends. Steve in Whittlesea on Word of Mouth


We are very happy with the service we receive from Bonola Automotive! George and Angelo are allways very helpful, and we have been a customer for about 15 years. Sandra in Greensborough on Word of Mouth


Been a customer of Bonola Auto for at least 15 years. This is the 1st business that we have recommended. Service, quality and honesty are exceptional!!!!! As a bonus, the prices are very competitive. Nothing is too much trouble for George and his team! Peter in Greensborough on Word of Mouth


The staff are very friendly and professional. Bonola Auto are the best mechanics I've been to and they give you a loyalty card and other little extras. Way better then the major servicing companies. David on Word of Mouth


Informative on what is getting done. Asking if it's ok to go ahead with what needs to be fixed so when you get the bill it's not a shock. Ross in Greensborough on Word of Mouth


After my last mechanic over charged me and took advantage of my naivety by charging me to fix a problem that hadn't even been fixed even though they assured me that there was nothing wrong and that it was "my driving that did it in the first place". I paid the bill and looked elsewhere. I came across Bonola Automotives. Hesitant at first, as I have had so many bad experiences with mechanics, a sigh of relief came about when I spoke to George on the phone - and they fixed the problem at half the price of the other guys I used! Should have done it sooner, as their professionalism, honesty and integrity is second to none in the area of Greensborough. I was also surprised at how clean the work shop is! I am now a loyal customer at Bonola Automotives and will continue to take my car there and tell all my friends about them! Thanks, guys! Patcharee on Word of Mouth


I have 2 cars, they are 50 years apart in is a 1963 VW Beetle and the other is a 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Both cars couldn't be more different, but the boys at Bonola Auto have no problems fixing any issue the cars have, without charging me an arm and a leg. I guess, once you find a good, honest and fair mechanic you tell people about them - so I'm telling you to get your car in when it's next due to be serviced or repaired. You won't be dissapointed! Matt on Word of Mouth


If you live near or in Greensborough, GO TO BONOLA AUTOMOTIVES. I don't know much about cars and these guys fixed a problem on my car that costed $1200 at another mechanic (which was still unfixed) for under $200 because they knew what they where doing and they are honest. Bonola Auto mechanics have always proved efficient and knowledgeable. Why pay someone to replace parts willy nilly, when these guys will do the job right the first time. Couldn't be happier with their service and will continue to have my car serviced by them! Roy on Word of Mouth


I have been servicing my Yaris at Bonola Auto since the start of 2011. Staff are really lovely and they are very honest to you, especially when you know nothing about servicing a car or when the tyres need to be changed. Very affordable too, for the high quality of service! Mia on Word of Mouth


Been having quite a few problems with my car, and it was overdue to be serviced by quite a bit. I took it in, explained all the issues, and got it back at the end of the day with everything fixed, and the problems (and solutions) explained to me. They called me throughout the day to let me know what they had found and gave me updates on the price of the service, which was fantastic. They also didn't talk down to me, or charge me extra because I am a female, which is something that is hard to find in a mechanic!!! I will be recommending Bonola to everyone, and will be taking my car back for everything! Jenna on Word of Mouth


Professional, Friendly, Fairly Priced, Clean Workshop and courtesy car available. All in all, cannot complain about anything to do with Bonola Automotive! The best automotive workshop I've encountered in 28 years of driving. Sandy on Word of Mouth


Bonola Auto met all my expectations - the staff were courteous, professional and great value for money. My car runs like a dream machine. Thank you - I definitely recommend to family and friends. Maria on Facebook


I have been servicing my Yaris there since the start of 2011. Staff are really lovely and they are very honest to you, especially when you know nothing about servicing a car or when the tyres need to be changed. Very affordable, too - for the high quality of service. Mia on Facebook


Awesome work - car feels like new. Identified and addressed each problem listed whilst saving me a couple of hundred bucks making it affordable - even polished the rims to top it all off :) Will be recommending to family and friends! Caleb on Facebook


Have been getting my car serviced here since moving to Australia. Friendly staff and an amazing service. Gareth on Facebook


With friendly and trustworthy staff, why wouldn't you use Bonola Automotive? Adam on Facebook


Knowledgeable, trusted - great service. PJ John on Facebook


Great, reliable service! Debra on Facebook


Five star car service by Bonola Automotive in Greensborough! Robbie on Facebook


Friendly staff. Good service. Above all else, you get real advice that is looking after your best interests. I live in Croydon, but I'm sticking with Bonola Auto. Callum on Facebook


I did my apprenticeship training with George over 35 years ago - he's still the same great guy and enthusiastic mechanic today! Peter on Facebook


Toyota recently lost my trust and thus my business. I don't quite get how Toyota dealers advertise a price for a standard service and then when they service the car it's 50% more. I felt Gary McMillan Toyota in Preston provided better service than those around me in Doncaster so each service I'd make the trek. At the last service I notice the name had changed to Preston Toyota and felt the prices being charged were now more expensive. This was a major service so I'd factored in a higher cost, but even then it was much more than expected. The good outcome for George Bonola of Bonola Automotives in Greensborough (and a member of JustLocal) is this is the bump I needed to move the business to him. That makes four cars he's now looking after in the family. Thanks for looking after our cars George. I'm getting very annoyed with the constant upsell that is happening around us. Businesses we've used for years seem to just want to extract as much as they can from us. Bump up prices here, upsell there. Businesses know they can increase prices and the extra profit from all their customers will exceed the profit from the customers they lose. That's why it is important to constantly review your suppliers. Kelvin on JustLocal



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